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Behind the scenes, etc 

Jessica Jay - Sham Love Series

Endless wonderful experiences being this very complex character Diana. I call this the adventures of Diana...

- Jessica Jay

('Inside Windsor Castle'  'A Royal Night Out'....)

Kelly Gray - Sham Love Series

I'm very excited to join the cast of Sham Love Series. I think this is one of the most original story lines and creative Romantic drama series anywhere in recent decades.


- Kelly Michelle Gray 

Yvonne Hays - Sham Love Series

I'm really excited to be part of Sham Love Series. I'm having the time of my life playing the character 'Martha' The story concept is completely original, gripping and very unusual indeed, .

- Yvonne Hays

('Sons Of The Caliphate'  'There After')

Marc Gordon - Sham Love Series

So proud to be a part of this amazing project. My character is the boyfriend who is a controlling nasty piece of work and wouldn't want to be crossed.

- Marc Gordon

Chuba Obi - On Set - Sham Love Series

An anthology of love and deceit, every episode is a feature length film, and tells a unique personal story of hidden personal turmoil, with the consequent outward actions.

The performances of the cast were not always an act as such. Often they were practically reliving their own real life experiences.

A very life like experience for the entire team.

- Chuba Obi (Writer/Director)

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